The following videos are some examples of my work.


The irish border and brexit

The decision of the British people to leave the European Union will have important consequences both in Europe and in the UK, but Northern Ireland and the border counties of the Republic of Ireland will be the most heavily impacted by Brexit.


Over A Coffee with Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of the European Commission

European Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič meets with EURACTIV's Sam Morgan over a coffee to talk about Europe's climate policy, Nord Stream 2 and why he thinks he can succeed Jean-Claude Juncker in the top job.


Digital Skills: Mind the gap

On 10 June 2016 the European Commission published a New Skills Agenda for Europe: Working together to strengthen human capital, employability and competitiveness. It presents a number of actions and initiatives with the ambition to tackle the digital skills deficit in Europe.


The future of Europe Debates Promo

Small promo video for a series of debates in the European Parliament between heads of state and MEPs.


EURACTIV: THE media network for europe

Small promo video done for EURACTIV.



As Europe looks for models to facilitate a peaceful coexistence between taxi drivers and new ride-sharing platforms, like Uber or Taxify, Estonia offers a valid solution for both the traditional transport providers and the newcomers to share the market, while ensuring that the new digital ecosystem does not hamper consumers' rights.


THe Faroe Islands

A short video of some of the natural highlights of the Faroe Islands.  A truly magical place and keep a particular lookout for the puffins.


Showreel 2017

Highlights of what I've filmed over the last year, from European politics, corporate videos to nature filming. 


EBu digital media days 2017

A record 220 delegates from nearly 40 EBU Members took part in the first EBU Digital Media Days event in Lisbon.

For the first time the EBU brought together not only digital experts, but also experts in fiction, news, sports, big data, young audiences, music and many more to discuss how digital has impacted their corresponding fields.


A short trip through lisbon

Filmed over two days, a short highlight of the sights of Lisbon.


the everglades

The sights and sounds of the Everglades.  Turn up the volume and enjoy the buzzing of insects and bird calls.


eurovision social news

Filmed over just one day, the challenge was getting a diverse point of view from the public about how they watch their news and what they would like to see improve.  Permission had to be requested from the relevant authorities to film at the different locations beforehand.  Working in just a small team of myself and a journalist we had limited time to get the shots and interviews that were required to make for an engaging video.  Since we got everything we needed from the shoot it was then easy to edit the video together with only minimal changes required from the client.  The video was then shown during a Eurovision broadcast conference with representatives of national broadcasters in attendance to possibly give them a perspective on the news they would not normally get.


STV Everything You Wanted To Know About The EU

My involvement in this project revolved around the research of EU archival footage as well as filming interviews, standups and general views in and of the EU institutions.  Countless hours were spent looking in the European Commission’s Archive to find footage of treaty signing ceremonies, former heads of state involved in the creation of the EU, and general views during those times.  Several long form sit down interviews were also conducted on European Parliament premises to explain the different bodies of the EU to the audience as well as up to date general views and standups to connect the different pieces of the documentary.  The video was then shown on STV shortly before the Brexit referendum to educate people on the history and workings of the EU.